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Training for digital communications

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DigiComs is a social entrepreneurship activity in which girls and young women between the ages of 18 and 35 undergo online training to develop competences for digital communication experts and will have the opportunity to work with civil society organizations, social entrepreneurs and NGOs seeking to hire experts. to communicate and develop your digital presence.


The training will be in specific subjects (which are actively sought at the moment) such as communication marketing for NGOs, storytelling, digital skills, communications in social networks, specifics of communications for NGOs / CSOs, etc.


Digital communicators take care of the digital profile and image of the organization and its presence in the online environment. Organizations will be able to select and hire these experts when and for how long they need them, as well as the specific services they need, and digital communicators will benefit from freelancers and study and work according to your own rhythm.

The entire activity of the initiative will take place in an online environment, so the place of residence and other conditions of the environment, both for girls and women, and for the organizations, will not matter.


Project DigiComs (Digital Communicators) - Development of a business model for the empowerment of girls and young women through digital communication skills is funded by the Bulgarian Fund for Women .

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