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Development of a business model to empower girls and young women through digital communication skills

Target groups


  • Girls and young women who want to combine study (higher education) and work - 18-35 years

  • Young women on maternity or parental leave or those who want to continue raising their children for a longer period of time - 18-35 years

  • Young women in a vulnerable situation (due to illness or disability, distance from urban centers, single mothers, ethnic, religious or other form that is the cause of discrimination; women caring for relatives with illness or disability, etc.) - 18-35 g .

  • NGOs and CSOs that feel the need to engage communication experts on a short-term contract for a specific project

The business model developed within this project aims to contribute to a real change in two directions - to provide an affordable service that will allow many of the described target groups to have a profession - flexible, attractive and which gives them independence and the opportunity to follow their own path and provide a service to NGOs to provide them with communication experts who will not be a burden on the organization's budget, but will offer them the necessary capacity.

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Project details


Development of a business model to empower girls and young women through digital communication skills

Period of execution:

01/08 / 2018-31 / 03/2019 (8 months)

Program: Competition for support of girls and young women 2018 of BFZ

Financing: BGN 3,000

Coordinator: IMPACT DRIVE Foundation

With the financial support of the Bulgarian Women's Fund


Within the project, the IDF team developed, tested and validated a model of social entrepreneurship. It is planned for girls and young women between the ages of 18 and 35 to undergo online training to acquire competencies for experts in digital communication. Passengers successfully gain access to civic organizations and NGOs seeking to hire experts to communicate and develop their digital positioning.


Digital communicators take care of the digital profile and image of the organization and its presence in the online environment. They are a key factor in building trust, disseminating results, attracting attention, creating a community of supporters and supporters of the causes. Often civil society organizations do not have enough capacity to carry out quality and timely activities related to information and publicity, including online. Therefore, digital communicators hired for a specific project or task is a convenient option.


The project included was done:

  • Research, through different methods of the needs, desires and tasks of users. Two different questionnaires were distributed to the target groups of girls and young women and NGO representatives

  • Analysis of consumer needs and development of Value Proposition Model

  • Development of a prototype with a general structure and content of the training, sample materials to it, a demo version of the training platform, which were tested with real users

  • Analysis of the results and completed business model with the strategyzer canvas (BMC).

  • Development of a financial plan


DigiComs is evolving in an online environment, so it will not matter the place of residence and other conditions of the environment, both for girls and women, and for organizations.


Project DigiComs (Digital Communicators) - Development of a business model for the empowerment of girls and young women through digital communication skills is funded by the Bulgarian Fund for Women .

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