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Creates digital communicators
for mission driven

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What is DigiComs



Develops multidisciplinary curricula and covers topics from the civic sector, communications and content creation, digital channels and tools, etc.

Digital communicators


Prepares a new type of specialists focused on the specifics and needs of civic society organizations and social entrepreneurs to communicate their causes, and work online and to gain support.


It creates opportunities for civil society organizations to improve their online communications by building a supportive community of professionals and an adequate environment for interaction between them.




- DigiComs online course - basic training for digital communications for causes

- DigiComs professional courses - upgrading training on special topics

- Mentoring support from DigiComs lecturers and communication specialists

- freelance profession and market place - DigiComs Platform, providing a link to mission -drivem organizations

- opportunity to get up an inhouse digital communicator rented by Impact Drive

- networking events and constant development

Mission Driven Organisations

- inhouse  digital communicator hired by Impact Drive, which works directly with organizations and is supervised and mentored by the DigiComs team

- project partnership when communication management is needed

- direct connection and negotiation with a digital communicator from the specialists published in the DigiComs Platform - graduates of the DigiComs courses, who have declared their readiness to work on a freelance basis


- participation of organisation's own specialists in DigiComs courses to increase organizational capacity

- consultations from DigiComs specialists in the development of the brand, communication strategy and infrastructure of the organization

What the course graduates say

I fell in love with the form of this online training - it gives me the opportunity to learn new things and develop myself and at the same time to combine personal commitments, which until recently was unthinkable.
digital communicator,  
HALO Foundation 2019

The lecturers

Friends of DigiComs

Keyboard and Mouse

Do you believe in what we do with DigiComs?

This project is implemented thanks to the financial support of the Bulgarian Fund for Women. The website does not reflect the opinion of the funding organization and BFU is not responsible for its content.

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