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Impact Drive works to build individual and organizational capacity among those who create positive change for communities in Bulgaria. We believe that genuine gender equality is the only way to achieve actual change, and we place women and their organizations at the center of our work. We achieve our purpose by developing specialized solutions, initiatives, and programs to promote inclusion, equality, and individual and organizational capability.




We envision a future where women, individuals, and organizations dedicated to the public good are capable, empowered, balanced (in a healthy sense), self-sufficient (sustainable), and boldly creating positive change in every corner of our society.

Key Priorities


Shifting the mindset towards organizational health and capacity development. Building internal capacity to manage processes, people, communication, and finances. Establishing effective and sustainable practices.


Sustainable and successful professionals. Supported leaders and recognition of their professionalism. 
Work-life balance and maintaining mental health. 
Increased civic self-awareness and engagement.


Overcoming myths and stereotypes about gender equality. Promoting more effective, visible, and sustainable women leaders in civil, community, or public sectors.

Implementing effective measures for better workplace equality and recognizing the value of unpaid work.

Мисия и цели


  1. Support for the development and establishment of an independent civil society in Bulgaria, incl. of independent and sustainable non-profit organizations.

  2. Promotion of social entrepreneurship and social innovations to find solutions to public, social, cultural and environmental problems.

  3. Increase of the capacity of non-profit organizations on issues of their strategic, administrative and financial management and development, as well as on communication issues and publicity.

  4. Stimulating cooperation and exchange of information, experience and good practices, both between NGOs and civil society structures, and cross-sectoral partnership with business and public authorities.

  5. Improving the public image and trust in the work of the non-governmental sector in the country and stimulating more active participation of citizens and wider public support for the initiatives of non-profit organizations.

  6. Support and work with citizens and organizations in initiatives related to active community involvement, advocacy, civic monitoring, impact assessment and others, developing the role of civil society in achieving positive change.

  7. Creating sustainable practices for training and inclusion of children, youth and adults, leading to change and solving social, cultural and environmental problems.


  • we take a female-centric approach to our work and are proud of it

  • we care about work-life balance - ours and yours

  • we aim to build capacity in you, not do things for you

  • we strive for system change and solutions with long-term impact

  • we care about young people, mothers, and vulnerable groups - empowering them to self-advocate and voice their needs

  • we fight for small, personal ideas and organizations to be self-sufficient and effective

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