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Brief informationtion for the project

Name: WomenBridges - Connecting opportunities for young women

Duration: 12 months (1.03.2022-1.3.2023)
Erasmus+ of the European Union

Contract No: 2021 -2-BG01-KA210-YOU-000049145

Financing: 60,000 euros

Coordinator: IMPACT DRIVE foundation


- Soziale Zukunft Verein zur Förderung der Integration behinderter Menschen (Jamba Austria), Austria

Women Do Business, Greece


Project target groups

- youth workers and NGO teams (incl. trainers, career consultants, social workers, mediators
etc.), working with girls and women in the age range (18-30), developing an interest in working with youth from vulnerable groups, with a focus on girls and women in underprivileged situations and who are interested in developing activities in the field of equality and human rights, economic empowerment, education and employment of persons from vulnerable groups, effective social inclusion in society, civic participation.

- the teams of partner organizations. 


An additional target group are representatives of the educational sector and the sector of employment providers from the business and public sphere.


Connecting opportunities for young women

What is the purpose of the project?

The WomenBridges project is part of the big Impact Drive's initiative  momgotajob. It aims to launch our comprehensive approach to achieving economic independence and at the same time a healthy balance between women's careers and personal lives.


WomenBridges provides a comprehensive approach and concrete methodology to support the career paths of young women, especially those in vulnerable situations to achieving economic independence and employment. At the same time, it develops the competencies of youth workers and NGO teams in implementing this approach. We are validating the process with the pilot implementation of WomenBridges in the three EU partner countries - Bulgaria, Austria and Greece.  


The long-term goal of WomenBridges is the effective inclusion of young women in public life by providing quality and balanced employment as entrepreneurs, self-employed or employees.  

What activities are planned?  

1: Exchange of expert and practical experience between the partners Impact Drive, Jamba Austria & Women Do Business. Joint analysis and search for sustainable models and forms for effective social inclusion and economic empowerment of young women 

2: Thematic “Training of Trainers” for a pilot group of youth workers from partner countries to implement the WomenBridges program and disseminate it to their colleagues 

3: Pilot program Local Bidges, which will provide and validate the WomenBridges program to final beneficiaries with specific initiatives at local level in Bulgaria, Austria and Greece

4: Development of a handbook with tools for implementing the WomenBridges program and sharing it with a wide range of professionals and youth workers.  

What results do we expect?

  • Shared knowledge and resources between partners and accumulated common knowledge about approaches and models for economic empowerment and career support of young women, with a focus on women in vulnerable situations

  • Developed methodology for the WomenBridges program 

  • Training of trainers for 18 youth workers from Bulgaria, Austria and Greece

  • Pilot activities of the WomenBridges program through Local Bridges 

  • Involvement of education experts and employers

  • Evaluation and validation of WomenBridges 

  • Development of a manual with tools for program implementation and promotion  

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This project is implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

The team of the Impact Drive Foundation, coordinator of the project "WomenBridges - Connecting Opportunities for Young Women", 2021-2-BG01-KA210-YOU-000049145, is fully responsible for the information published on the website of the organization.

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