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Brief information about the project
Name: DigiComs - the voice of mission organizations
Duration: 12 months (1 August 2021 - 31 July 2022)
Program: Competition for support of girls and young women 2020 of BFZ
Financing: BGN 10,000

Coordinator: IMPACT DRIVE Foundation

Partner: VIA CIVIC Association

With the financial support of the Bulgarian Women's Fund

Purpose of the project

Creating a working model for social business to empower young girls and women to become much-needed communication professionals for organizations. They will communicate with the audience in a professional way and will make the connection with the society smoother and more understandable. CSOs will have access to their services to share their work and goals, be transparent and gain support.

  • Validation of training as a model for social business

  • Long-term support for graduates from experienced mentors  

  • Development of a module for civil society organizations with a set of support services and resources

  • Promotion of the model among the sector

  • Technological binding of the elements and establishment of the DigiComs brand

Target groups

Girls and young women who:

  • are in a vulnerable position (due to illness or disability, distance from urban centers, single mothers, ethnic, religious or other form that is the cause of discrimination; women caring for relatives with illness or disability, etc.)

  • looking for a way to combine study (higher education) and work

  • are on maternity or parental leave or those who want to continue to raise their children for a longer period of time


The teams of NGOs dealing with the planning and implementation of the communication activity

Why do organizations with a mission have digital communicators? 

In today's dynamic times, everything happens online. From shopping for business or home, through a number of business processes, all the way to the school and social life of children. All kinds of specialists, artists, practitioners - all online. Therefore, it is inevitable that important causes and campaigns are recognizable, discoverable, reliable and adequate in the online environment.

Who are the organizations with a mission - NGOs, social entrepreneurs and social businesses, civic initiatives, all set out to change the world for the better. What they have in common is their commitment to a specific cause and the fact that very often they are focused on achieving their socially significant mission and are not always able to present themselves, their battles and achievements to the general public.


Impact Drive digital communicators are there to support civil society organizations in this aspect of their work - to create content for the communication needs of a particular initiative or project in a professional and sustainable manner and respecting the guiding principles for the specific cause.

Why should I become a digital communicator?

Why should young women actually develop professionally in the field of communications?

Why is the training suitable for home workers?

And why bother with the communications of civil society organizations at all?

The possible answers are more than the questions we can ask ourselves.

Here are some of them, and our participants will positively find more for themselves:

  • Flexible employment

  • Work from home

  • Work in an online environment

  • There is not a single boring day

  • Wide application

  • Commitment to a cause

  • There is always more to learn

  • It helps to instill in ourselves and in our children an attitude towards causes and civic activity in general 

DigiComs so far

The DigiComs project started with the following steps:

  • Research through different methods of the needs, desires and tasks of users. Two different questionnaires were distributed to the target groups of girls and young women and NGO representatives

  • Analysis of consumer needs and development of Value Proposition Model

  • Development of a prototype with a general structure and content of the training, sample materials to it, a demo version of the training platform, which were tested with real users

  • Analysis of the results and completed business model with the strategyzer canvas (BMC).

  • Development of a financial plan


In the second stage of its implementation, we conducted the course for digital communicators for a total of 9 weeks entirely online.

  • Out of 40 candidates, 37 started the online course, 21 reached the end, and 9 developed the specially set wide-ranging final task for completing the course.

  • Participants were given tasks for independent work and tried new approaches and tools, which developed their skills to create scripts, work on different campaigns, use a variety of techniques for creativity, creative writing and storytelling and more.

  • We were visited by great experts working in the field of causes and communications, with whom we discussed details of the kitchen.

  • Some of the tasks were immediately used by the organizations whose representatives participate in the course.

  • More than half of the participants are already developing the communication of non-profit organizations.


This project is implemented thanks to the financial support of the Bulgarian Fund for Women. The website does not reflect the opinion of the funding organization and BFU is not responsible for its content.

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