• Теодора Иванова

Social Business to Drive Diversity and Inclusion

At first look he is a young person just like every other student at Harvard University or Oxford - purposeful, looking forward for new knowledge and with promising career. He maintains to succeed in this, working as an consultant in large-scale projects and worldwide corporations such as MC Kinsey. But there is something which excites him more than his promising career... In 1981 he challenges the change founding Ashoka - a dream came true for change, development and support to social business and for the change which comes within ourselves seeking for empathy. This young man is Bill Draton. He believes that each of us can be an innovator or a guiding light for the communities, causes and innovations.

Impact Drive's team also believes in the power of the change and the communities. Our organisation works with the teams of the mission driven organisations and jointly we create solutions for sustainability and efficiency in their activities, development in their skills so they can in turn establish opportunities for change in their communities and beneficiaries.

The concept for enablement of a new generation of social entrepreneurs in a civic organisations' teams that are working with young people is the basis of the project "SoDivers - Social Business to Drive Diversity and Inclusion" of the foundation, which begins this month. The project combines tools and efficiency of the social economy and activates them to overcome the problems of social exclusion and inequality.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and includes partners from 10 countries. They all work with young people and groups at risk of exclusion, develop social entrepreneurship or have an interest in developing it or encouraging their beneficiaries in this direction. The project partners are convinced of the opportunities that the social economy provides and invest efforts, their youth workers to have the necessary competencies for the development and support of social business.

The core of the project is the SoDivers - Social Business to Drive Diversity and Inclusion training, which is practical and tailored to the needs of youth workers from the partnering organisations.

The training will involve 20 representatives of partner organisations. The training team, which brings together experts from Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia, will provide a space in which youth workers immersed in the energizing power of the Bulgarian mountains will learn, try, cross, present and exchange ideas for their projects, causes and endeavors related to social entrepreneurship. This will be their step to fit into the colourful and at the same time turbulent space of the desired change.

The training course will be complemented by online meetings in an extended format, dedicated to important topics for the organisations: EU policies on youth and youth work; social economy in Europe, the broad topic of diversity and the involvement and funding of civil society organisations. The online meetings will allow us to develop the network of partners and to lay the foundation for cooperation and common solutions in the countries participating in the project.

In the long run, we believe that the project will provide knowledge, confidence and network and will support NGOs in the important role that their teams have as a first line of support for the vulnerable and affected by the crisis, on one hand, and as leaders, embracing change and building the new normal, on the other.

Our team embraces change and is firmly behind everyone who dares to seek the right solution, to support civic participation, to become a mentor, partner and supporter. SoDivers marks the beginning of a desired and necessary change in the direction of creating sustainable practices that meet the needs and challenges of the new age.

More about this project you could find on www.impactdrive.eu/sodivers.