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In addition to the Impact Drive training and advice provided, we work hard to provide a variety of support to organizations to be as effective and successful as possible in carrying out their missions.


Every day, each of our team monitors, collects and disseminates important and useful information about the work of our sector - we follow Bulgarian and international sources from the NGO sector, communications, social entrepreneurship and inclusion and many others. You can follow this information in our blog - ID blog , as well as on our Facebook page, which you can like and follow - Impact Drive


We work to develop our own projects aimed at building resources to increase the capacity of NGOs and civil society organizations and people with missions and ideas. We are actively developing our own fundraising strategy for the implementation of these projects.


In addition to the ID blog, we are also developing a special section for tips and resources , where you will find useful tools and materials for your work .


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Everyone at Impact Drive is a team player and we believe in the power of communities to change and solve problems. We work actively to create communities and opportunities for people to share and implement ideas and projects together.

VERSA PEOPLE is our Facebook group, in which the participants in our trainings and our various initiatives share experiences, ideas, discuss issues important to them and connect.

Together with A Hub and Hear Yourself Foundation, we initiated the building of a community of social entrepreneurs, which included colleagues from organizations such as "Citizens", "Bakery Network", Multiculturalists, Synergy and others. Our goal is to create conditions for active communication of all those who deal with this nascent and very relevant form of work for organizations with a cause who want to achieve real change and lasting solution to specific problems.


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