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You will learn the basics of online communications, the specifics of the environment and the tools that are most often used in communicating causes and civic initiatives. We have focused on the skills to search, process and synthesize information and compose quality content.


The concept of the training is for maximum practical orientation, which will allow you to apply what you have learned immediately. The provided tasks for self-preparation will help you build your own portfolio, which you will be able to communicate with representatives of organizations in the NGO sector and those working for social change.


You will have the opportunity to interact with professionals from different fields, receive mentoring and consulting from the coaching team in the process of practical application of new knowledge.


Conditions for participation
  • The training is aimed at girls and young women aged 18-35, incl. in a vulnerable situation, who are motivated to develop the competencies of digital communicators and to find their professional vocation in communicating causes and civic initiatives

  • The course is entirely online and an important condition is that you have the time to conduct it with a computer and regular internet access to ensure your ability to fully participate in the training

  • You need to plan your time so as to ensure your active participation in the learning process by attending all planned online sessions and performing practical and test tasks.

Course features:



Start: December 10, 2020


Online sessions: every Thursday (excluding the Christmas and New Year period)


Duration: 9 weeks (6 training modules, 3 webinars for discussions and feedback, final exam)


Engagement: between 3 and 6 hours, per week (includes time for self-preparation and completion of tasks)


Assessment of what has been learned: on a weekly basis with test and practical assignments and feedback on them from the coaching team, final assignment.


Course language: Bulgarian (part of the additional materials for self-reading, can be in English)


End: February 18, 2021


Project "Communication of causes and activism in the online environment - DigiComs"

Предстоящи събития

  • 12 Jan, 15:30 – 13 Apr, 18:00
    online course
    Basic training for digital communications of causes in 3 specialized modules
  • 01 Feb, 11:00
    Online mentoring
    Claim your mentor in the person of our trained Buddies on the WomenBridges system. For this purpose, you need to fill out the questionnaire, which you will receive on your email. This will help us find the most suitable person for you depending on your need at the moment.
Coaching team:

Multitasker, който вярва, че промяната идва от нас и само когато сме заедно

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Теодора Иванова-Вълева


Разказвач на истории и познавач на вкуса на магията

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Guest speakers:

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For questions and need support:

Ralitsa Dimitrova


tel: 0877928626


This project is implemented thanks to the financial support of the Bulgarian Fund for Women. The website does not reflect the opinion of the funding organization and BFU is not responsible for its content.

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