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Brief information about the project


Youth Changemakers

Duration:  12 months (02.2022-01.2023)
  Erasmus + of the European Union

Financing:  60,000 euros

Coordinator:  Fundacja Wyobraz Sobie, Hotel Poland


IMPACT DRIVE Foundation (Bulgaria), Association for increasing economic and cultural development "Cooperation" Bitola  (Northern Macedonia), International Alliance for Cultural Relations (Hungary)


project goals

1 1. Increasing and deepening the enthusiasm of young people to get involved in their communities and to build motivation for active civic participation and belief that change is possible (especially in the context of pandemic apathy)

2. Preparing young people to act as social and change leaders in their communities

3. Development of young people's skills, incl. in terms of soft skills - communication, teamwork, concern, empathy, creativity

4. Implementation of social projects by young people in their local communities with the support of local partner organizations

5. Awakening of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in young people with a focus on social entrepreneurship

6. Development of the competencies of the partner organizations to support young people

7. Start of the development of international cooperation for development between the partner organizations, building relations between them, based on trust and respect


A new generation of social entrepreneurs

The international project YOUTH CHANGEMAKERS includes a series of activities aimed at empowering young people and developing their skills with a focus on those for positive change in local communities and social entrepreneurship.  

The hosts from Poland are organizing two trainings - in the spring and autumn of 2022, and all partners are committed to providing mentoring and support to participants to design, develop and implement their ideas for change in their respective communities.

Changemaker Course 1, dated 6-12 April 2022, Krakow, Poland

  • introduction to the concept of  changemaking

  • learning about inspiring stories of change engines around the world 

  • development of skills for work in the direction of achieving change (teamwork, empathy, communication, leadership, etc.)

  • planning of social projects to be implemented in the respective local communities.


Changemaker Course 2, dated September 28 - October 4, 2022,  Krakow, Poland

  • evaluation of the projects implemented in the local communities

  • how to promote our social projects and involve more people: cooperation with the media and introduction to public speaking skills

  • how to look for companions and build lasting relationships with them 

  • how to attract resources for social projects

  • introduction to social entrepreneurship - can our social project one day grow into a social business?


Bulgarian participants should be young people aged 18 to 30, able to work in English and with their idea of social change, as well as with motivation to work for its development and implementation.  

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