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At Impact Drive, we believe that every organization knows best what it wants to achieve, so when we consult, we want to work with you and support you guiding you along the way. We will stand by you and provide you with the necessary knowledge, advice, contacts, working methods, practical models, resources and everything you need.

We combine diverse expertise to find a solution just for you and to support you in every area of the establishment and development of the organization.

The expertise of Impact Drive, presented by Theodora Valeva, helped us significantly in the strategic planning process that we started at BFW in 2019. She worked with the whole team both to achieve a similar understanding of the meaning of the process and with the specific tools. Theodora is not only an undisputed professional, but has also become a good friend of our organization.

Gergana Kutseva, Deputy Director of the Bulgarian Fund for Women

The Impact Drive team creates author trainings that aim to provide both theoretical knowledge and to build and develop practical skills in the participants. Our working principle is to ensure that learners can immediately apply the material in their work and at the same time have a quality source from which to draw theoretical information and examples at any time they need it.