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The Impact Drive team creates authoring trainings that aim to provide both theoretical knowledge and to build and develop practical skills in the participants. Our working principle is to model such trainings, practical exercises and additional materials that will allow the trainees to immediately apply the material in their work and at the same time to have a quality source from which to draw theoretical information and examples at any time, in which they need. See what trainings we do here .

Another important principle in building training programs, in addition to our experts, should always have colleagues who share their practical experience and can answer specific questions.


The participants who went through the trainings stay in touch with our team and other colleagues through the working Facebook group Impact Drive Community , where they exchange information, experience and news related to their activities long after the end of the training.


The Impact Drive team can also create trainings according to the specific capacity building needs of an organization and train its team, beneficiaries or stakeholders. Find out more about the areas of our expertise in our CONSULTATIONS section.

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